Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Solid? Liquid? It's SLIME!

When public school has a day off, so does my homeschooling boy, simply because no school means more kids for me. Big Kids (that's what we call the school-agers), for some reason, are harder to entertain than the littles. School (or their peers) must teach them the phrase, which is quite often delivered in a whine, "I'm bored........."  I try to stay a step ahead of them to ward off their lack of creative play. 
I don't know what it is about these things but  it is quite magical to see how they captivate children.  

Last Friday, with no school and a houseful of kiddos, I had the playmobiles ready. I bought the playmobiles on ebay last year and it was the best money I EVER spent as they entertain both the the Big Kids and the Littles for literally HOURS! I also had the ingredients ready for making SLIME! As soon as the playmobies had lost their popularity, we picked them up and made our slime. It was a big hit. The kiddos helped me mix up the slime, we then divided it into pie plates to play with. Afterwards I put the slime into baby food jars for kiddos to take home. Yep. I'm pretty sure the parents loved me. <dripping with sarcasm>

It was a little messy but a lot less messy than hearing "I'm bored" or dealing with boredom inspired naughtiness. A little mess for a little sanity....a fine trade-off. 


1/2 c. Water
1 c. Liquid Fabric Starch (I think corn starch would be a good substitute but           a little extra water may be needed)
1 c. white "school" glue.
Food coloring 

Love this stuff. I really does feel cool to slide the slime through your fingers.

Now if I could just find a fun craft to use up all these pie tins............

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