Tuesday, March 6, 2012

More Uses for My Heart Molds!

I had a batch of soap that didn't firm up so I decided to melt it down and try again. Instead of using my normal mold, I decided to try out my silicone heart molds. One mold is for muffins, the other, smaller mold is for ice cubes. 

I didn't calculate too accurately....so I used a lined muffin pan, and old soap mold and finally pulled a half gallon orange juice container from the recycle bin. 

A few days later, while cleaning out a cupboard, I found these two bowls. Since I hadn't used either in years, I decided they needed to go.......until it dawned on me that my family has this inability to put the remotes in their proper place (above the tv). AHA! A pretty bowl that I love was saved and now offers a home to the remote controls. 

Behind the bowls is a picture of my father in law as a boy with Babe Ruth.
Now what to do with the small bowl? How 'bout a new home for storing my wax "cakes" (what do you call those things?)? PERFECT! It added a lovely scent to the room but the chunks weren't exactly pretty. Enter the ice cube heart tray. I melted down the ugly chunks (in the wax cake melter thingy) and filled the ice cube tray. Once the wax had cooled they popped out easily. Much prettier. 

And one more use........CHOCOLATE TURTLES!! My grandmother loves turtles so I was experimenting. 
I melted my chocolate sauce, hoping that this would firm up enough once it cooled. I filled the bottom of the tray with a little chocolate, topped with two pecan halves, followed by melted caramel and more chocolate.
A Chocolate Turtle and Scent Cakes

Unfortunately the turtles weren't quite right.....so I had to eat all of them. ;)

Next time I'll use something different for the chocolate so that Grandma can have some. 

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