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31 days to just write!

Tomorrow I will blow the dust off of my space here as I attempt to complete a two-in-one challenge to write each day in October (31 day challenge from The Nester) for five minutes (5 minute a day challenge from the host of Five Minute Fridays, Kate).

I've participated in 31 days twice ~

This year as I contemplated, Kate announced that she'd be offering a challenge within the challenge....a challenge complete with word prompts (thank you, Kate!). How could I refuse? 

My hope in writing for 31 day is to form a daily habit of writing, to improve my writing skills, to be "inspired" and in turn to hopefully inspire another. Won't you join me? 

day 1 ~ move
day 2 ~  view -- A Room with a View
day 3 ~ new
day 4 ~ learn
day 5 ~ stuck
day 6 ~ know
day 7 ~ Go
day 8 ~ Say
day 9 ~ Join
day 10 ~ Care
day 11 ~ Teach
day 12 ~ Rest
day 13 ~ Work
day 14 ~ Away
day 15 ~ Life
day 16 ~ Adjust(ments)
day 17 ~ Long
day 18 ~ Taste
day 19 ~ Honor
day 20 ~ Fear
day 21 ~ Second
day 22 ~
day …

Pray for the Children

As a World Help blogger, I had been encouraged to write during the month of September on the topic of Children of War but as much as I desire to raise awareness of social injustices around the world I just couldn't. I haven't allowed myself to do much more than skim news article or blog post regarding ISIS. I'd read "Nearly three million refugees...." and move on to find something lighter to read about or check on my Words with Friends, which happens to be my favorite form of procrastination these days. It was just too heartbreaking and quite frankly I was spending my time being self absorbed in my own problems - my ever growing to-do list, my worries about the budget or finding the energy to accomplish all the tasks set before me. 

Isn't it just easier to ignore what's going on ain  place that seems a million miles away? But ignorance isn't bliss especially when one desires to follow Jesus. God tells me to not to worry about tomorrow but to care for …


I love how one word can bring to mind a memory, a verse, a song. This morning as I read the Five Minute Friday prompt word, the melody of an old, seemingly forgotten hymn filled my thoughts. Words which comfort, Words which give hope.

Because He lives I can face tomorrow Because He lives all fear is gone
Because I know He holds the future My life is worth living just because He lives

When my works hours and my caring for my family hours and when almost all of the calendar boxes are filled with scribbles I find comfort in knowing that He will provide rest.
The Lord replied, “My Presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.”Exodus 33:13
When the expenses exceed the income and it seems the budget can not be stretched any thinner, I find comfort because I know He is a God who provides.
And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus. Phil 4:19When the "tomorrow worries" arrive I find comfort because I know that my God has a plan.
For I know…

the mountains are His

This morning as I looked at this picture, a picture of the beautiful Guatemalan mountains, my first thought was "the mountains are his, the rivers are his...." I thought this phrase came from a verse or worship song but on further investigation I learned that this phrase was one I had sang many times during my years of working with the children's Sunday School. It may be a simple children's song but oh what beautiful truths it holds!

My God is so big, so strong and so mighty there's nothing my God cannot do.
My God is so big, so strong and so mighty there's nothing my God cannot do.
The mountains are His, the rivers are His, the stars are His handiwork too.
My God is so big, so strong and so mighty there's nothing my God cannot do.
We are in his mighty hands!

For behold, He who forms mountains,And creates the wind,Who declares to man what histhought is, And makes the morning darkness, Who treads the high places of the earth—The Lord God of hosts is His name. Am…

Hearing my Father's voice

Funny, no sad really, that in the everyday struggles I've stopped hearing His voice. I begin to rely on on only my self to get through each day. Yet when I faced the really hard days, those days spent by a hospital bed, I knew I could get through each day by leaning into Him. That's when I heard His voice.

As I sat by my daughter's side, not knowing what the following days would bring, I could only pray. In those prayers my words where transformed by the Holy Spirit as I prayed, "May all this bring glory to you, Father. May your will be done." These were not words of a strong woman with extraordinary faith. These were words the Holy Spirit whispered to me, a woman who knew her strength rested in her Heavenly Father.

I sought Him each morning in the hospital gardens, sitting on a bench as my legs threatened to give way, the sobs would come and my prayers would be lifted. As sobs subsided I'd feel his comforting arms and hear His whispers in the soft June breez…