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A Game for Organizing with the Kids

First, call the kids so that they can watch you dump out all of the plastic containers and lids all over the kitchen floor  - for some reason it is really fun for kids to watch mom/caregiver making a mess......they will squeal with delight.

Next talk with the kiddos about matching - shapes, color, size. Have the children match lids to containers. Hey, may as well make it "educational". 

Place correct lids on the correct containers and make a tower. I encourage the kiddos to try to make a tower taller then me!

Leave containers on the kitchen floor ALL day for two reasons:
1. The kids can come back to play, building more towers throughout the day. This beats any fancy "learning station" found at a daycare/preschool center.
2. By the end of the day I had a grudge against all those containers that I had been stepping over which made it much easier for me to say good bye to my "abundance".

Organizing "likes with likes" and stacking, or nesting, biggest to …

Wreath Making

Supplies ~ straw wreath, pruning "snippers", pins and fresh greens. Once the greens are done it's time for some "embellishments". I prefer simple.
Merry Christmas!