Sunday, March 4, 2012

Week in Review

 Most bloggers do a week in review that covers the topics that were blogged during the week. Me? Well, I sometimes do things a bit backward. My week in review consists of pictures from the week in which I will blog about in the coming week. So here's what you can expect to hear about:

The BEST bread sticks EVER! Our Pizza Friday turned into Bread Stick Friday because I forgot to make some cheese. 
  Using my heart mold for soap. Until I ran out of heart space and had to resort to some other "creative" molds.

 The messes that Hubs and I can make on a weekend ~
 He tore out the old plaster walls in the stairway. I gave the hairy beast (the dog, not my hubs) a haircut. 

 The Boy gets ready for his first project fair.

What can you get from one whole chicken? This week I stretched it even further!

MORE uses for heart molds. Chocolate turtles and wax cakes.

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