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Homemade Facial Cleansing Pads

My son become a teenager last fall and has since had to battle with teenage acne. At first he seemed to wear it with pride. His acne was a sign for all to see that he had made a passage from boyhood to manhood. This "rite of passage" has grown old and has been replaced with another rite of passage. Vanity. He's willing to try all the acne products at Walmart despite the way his mother freaks out as she reads the labels. Not to mention the cost. Thus began my search for a natural, homemade acne treatment for my dear man-child.

Common sense told me to start with tea tree oil and witch hazel. Tea tree oil is antibacterial and witch hazel is a natural astringent. Both helpful in treating acne.

Witch Hazel
Tea Tree Oil
Cotton Rounds

1 cup water
1/2 cup witch hazel
10 drops of tea tree oil

Place cotton rounds in a container (I happened to have a small glass jar that the rounds fit perfectly in!) and top with mixture.

It's time for change.....

This summer my husband and I will be celebrating five years of marriage.  Five years. In five years time I've passed the "under forty" age category and am now "over forty". In five years my "baby" has gone from being shorter than mama, gained over a foot of height and is now taller than mama. The year we married, my/our eldest graduated from high school and now five years later two more (our/his) children  have graduated high school, one of which just graduated from college. In the past five years I've gained 30 pounds....

THIRTY pounds people! I weigh more now than I did with either of my pregnancies. I've made excuses as the weight began to pile on......
my husband loves me anyway (and for some crazy reason he does love his fat wife)my husband shows me love by shoving food (I'm not even kidding and it's usually donuts, cookies and cake) in my face so it's his fault that I'm fat (I've recently found a way to lovingly, but fi…


I'm branching out and trying something new with my space here. First I'll be joining Good Morning Girls next week to study Jennie Allen's book, "Anything". (to find out more about the study click here) I've started a Facebook group so that I can learn and grow with other women. If you'd like to join my small group please contact me. Each week I'll be posting on my blog highlights of what God is teaching me.

My other new endeavor is a GIVE AWAY! I have one copy of "Anything" to give away. Even if you don't want to study with me, I'd love to share this book with you. :) Second prize is a handmade gift from me ~ two bars of homemade soap!

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kitchen love

the smell of garlic and onion sauteing in butter
slow down. savor the delicious scents

rolling and chopping of spinach
vibrant green. life giving

the rhythmic hum of the dishwasher with hands immersed in the warm, lemony scented dishwater
calm the spirit. quiet the mind

counting my blessings.........everyday gratitude

Soil Test

Last week someone posted this on facebook:
So our homeschooling day began with an experiment to test the soil in our garden.

Unfortunately I only had my "orange infused vinegar" but I thought that the acidic vinegar, which is necessary for the test, coupled with the acid from my orange peels, this wouldn't alter the experiment in any way.

The soil mixed with vinegar only created a few bubbles while the soil mixed with the baking soda created none. As the bubbles were only slight, we concluded that our soil was closer to the middle of the spectrum. Now with the snow gone (finally!) I guess it's time to start planting!

Blessed to Be Called Mother

Today I am overwhelmed with the love I have for my children. On this Mother's Day, I thank my Creator for creating my beautiful children and for entrusting them to my care. 

I am blessed to be a mother.

Comfort - Five Minute Friday

Comfort is:

holding a warm cup of coffee between both hands on a cold winters day

the warmth of a hug when the tears won't seem to stop

cuddling with a nursing baby

my favorite over-sized cardigan wrapped tight around my body

my mother.

Mom, you comforted me when I was a child, calming my fears of the boogeyman and the mean kids. As a young wife and mother I'd often make daily phone calls to you. You'd patiently tell me again how to make spaghetti sauce or meatloaf. When I had hard decisions to make it was always you that I would turn to. All those little things that you did gave me comfort. The big thing? You prayed. I find huge comfort in knowing that my mama, the woman that knows me best, loved me enough even during my most rebellious years, took time to pray daily for me. And she still prays for me.

Mom, you are my comfort.

Sharing my comfort with many at Lisa-Jo's