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Hands Open, Heart Willing

Where you go, I'll go Where you stay, I'll stay When you move, I'll move I will follow you Who you love, I'll love How you serve I'll serve
If this life I lose, I will follow you, 
I will follow....
As I sang these words in church this weekend, I cupped my hands towards the heavens; giving God my offering, yet my mind quickly was diverted with a thought. 
Will I go, stay, move, love, serve? Have I? Am I following God with a heart that is completely willing to follow WHERE EVER I am called?
Will I love EVERYONE? Even those who hurt me or harder yet, love those who hurt those I love so dearly.
Will I move -- jump when God says jump? With no hesitation and with a willing heart?
Will I serve even if it means that I have to so when it's not convenient to my schedule?
My hands say, "Here I am, God, use me" yet my heart holds back, unwilling to give myself completely to the God who has given me everything. 
It's easy to think that with my hands open wide I am followin…