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Help My Unbelief

Ever have one of those days when you feel in a funk? A day when you just can't shake the crabbiness?

Today was such a day. Work started steady, and then it just got a little chaotic. The chaos that comes when I needed to be doing ten things at the same precise moment.  And the organized perfectionist in me who couldn't control her environment started to feel a little stressed. Stress brings out the crabby me.

And then I got home from work, later than I wanted. Missed church. And my feet hurt. And the moment I even thought about complaining of my sore feet I felt guilty because I had vowed, after hearing of neuropathic pain that my friend with cancer experiences as a result from her chemotherapy, that I will never complain about my aches and pains. My achy feet don't even compare to the pain which she experiences. I vowed that I wouldn't complain about my achy feet because I should be grateful that I can work. Grateful that I have my second "bonus" job on the …