Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Making Messes

What do Hubs and I do with a quiet Saturday? No kids. No commitments. No work. Usually a day like this would include an afternoon nap. But as we drank our coffee, debating on what to do, I suddenly had the urge to give the pooch a hair cut and Hubs surprisingly decided to tackle the stairwell. These activities consumed our day.
Over the past year or two, the old wall paper has been peeling and old plaster has been crumbling. Last summer, during "Trash and Treasure Days" (a weekend devoted to garage sales and scrounging through curbside piles for free stuff), we found two nice (new) pieces of drywall. It's been sitting in the garage ever since.  We didn't get the drywall up yet but the walls are ready! 

I LOVE that Cooper doesn't shed and I do love his shaggy hair but once it gets so long it is next to impossible to brush out. I'd been contemplating taking him to a groomer but have been purposely avoiding making an appointment. I hate spending money on something I can do myself (I'm slowly admitting that this is something that I CAN'T do).  He doesn't let me do his paws and there are certain spots that get quite matted that I don't like to do because I'm scared I'll cut him. So I just do what I can. 
LOOK! I think that's a new Cooper Dog!  I thought Cooper was getting fat this winter. Now I know that his "fat" was just hair. 

Not perfect but much better. Next month he's getting his Spring Haircut from a professional. It's time.

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