Friday, October 18, 2013

Five Minute Friday - Laundry, my nemesis [Day 18}

Today I'm joining a community of writers. Lisa-Jo gives us our writing prompt, one word, and we write for five minutes with no worries of spelling or grammar. We just write. Today's word is laundry.

Here we go!

Laundry. Ugh. It's my nemesis. The one chore that I can never seem to battle.

I find it in a pile on my bedroom floor. If ignored, something I occasionally do during a laundry strike, it becomes a mountain. Not a pretty mountain but a mountain that causes feelings of disdain.

I peer into my son's room and see it scattered all over his floor. No matter how many times I organize his drawers and teach him of the neat system of shirts go in this drawer and jeans go in the other, his clean and dirty clothes get strewn from wall to wall. To get through his room means to wade through his piles of clothes.

The laundry room? It seems as soon as it's empty of clothes to be washed and clothes to be dried and still more clothes to be folded, there's yet another pile on the floor waiting to begin this cycle. But weren't all the clothes cleaned yesterday?

Yet, despite how hard it is to change my attitude towards my enemy, I will continue to grit my teeth and attempt to sing my praise.

Thank you for the pile on the bedroom floor which means my husband worked hard this week. Clothes filled with wood shavings from the sanding booth. Jeans smeared with grease stains from working on our vehicles.

The Boy's room full of clothes.....thank you, God, for that boy. Thank you for providing an income for me to cloth my boy, even if those clothes are tossed on the floor. Thank you for the door in which I can shut to his room and pretend that it isn't there.

Thank you, for my washing machine and dryer which make this job I detest so much easier.

Thank you, that laundry, while often viewed as a hardship is nothing compared to the hardships that really are hard.

In ALL things (even laundry) may I praise you!


  1. Great perspective! Praising your way through the laundry and choosing to see the good. Blessings :)