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A Room of One's Own

I vaguely remember reading Virginia Woolf's, A Room of One's Own, during a Women in Literature college course.  The premise is that  "a woman must have money and room of her own if she is to write fiction". My then very feminist mind, jumped on the band wagon of women's oppression. However this week I gained a new appreciation for this expression as I found myself muttering on several occasions, "Oh, I just need a room of my own!" I don't write fiction and don't care to do so. I'm well aware of the fact that I don't have the creativity to make up a story let alone make up a whole book.

Yet I'm trying to carve out some time of my own to write, even if it is only for this little blog. I decided that I'd cut out my evening television (my routine most nights is to watch tv with my husband from 9-10) so that I can write. This seemed like a fabulous plan. Except for the fact that I do my writing at the kitchen table. Which is next to the living room. Even if I can block out the sound of the show my husband is watching,  bedtime snack traffic to the kitchen comes through the dining room. This means everyone feels it is necessary to stop and talk to mom on their way to and fro. Hubs stopped last night to give me a ten minute description of how much he was craving apple crisp (a hint maybe?). Hence the frustrated cries of  needing a room of my own.

I know, many of you are thinking, "just write when the family is asleep". Let's see. Hubs goes to bed at 10:30, if I waited until then to begin writing I'd fall asleep on the computer. Get up earlier? Ugh. The alarm already goes off at 5:15 am at which time I walk across the room like a zombie to hit the snooze. This zombie walk/snooze pushin' happens at least 2 to 3 times before I'm awake enough to realize that it's time to get up. 5:45 am I'm at the kitchen table drinking coffee and doing my bible study. 6:10 am my first child of the day arrives. Nap time? Oh man, that's when I get the dishes done, the floor swept, a little adult interaction in the form of facebook and a few games of Candy Crush in before the little  buggers  angels awake. I'm not sure how to carve out more time to write but if I'm willing and creative I will find a solution.

Friends, I'm sure you're thinking right about now, "I thought this was 31 days of PRAISE? Where's the praise?"  I share my frustration only to give contrast to all that I have to be thankful for.  I have a dining room table in which to sit at. I even have a front porch in which I'm presently hiding on   finding a quiet place to write. I have a wonderful family whom I adore. My family even likes to talk to me, may I never take this for granted. I have so much, friends. I am blessed. Even if it's getting a little chilly out here on the porch. :)

Besides it's a beautiful day! I was even introduced tonight to a new song tonight which joyfully sings praise to our King. Whatever frustrations you faced today, may you be able to see the blessings, the beautiful that was today.


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