Sunday, October 27, 2013

Day 27

Sometimes rest is found when one re-evaluates priorities. Last night my headache/migraine that seems to have been present more times than it was absent over the past few days, had disappeared. AH, I thought, finally I can think clear enough to write. My boys were gone - my son was at a weekend youth retreat and my husband was on a day-trip with his mother. The house was quiet and it was a perfect time for writing. Then I realized I'd rather hang out with my girl. I skipped writing my "Day 26" post and it was well worth it. My girl and I ate milk duds and popcorn while watching a movie and it was divine! So although I didn't write yesterday my heart was still full of praise.

Tonight I made another choice. Instead of a fun night out with some girlfriends, I felt God nudging me to stay home with my family. The Boy is back home and even though he's been busy napping, showering and playing his guitar at least he knows his mama is here. We had dinner together and my daughter and I even tried a new soap recipe (honey lavender!).  Although I would have loved to have spent some time with my friends whom I rarely see, again I was thankful for the choice I had made.

Thank you, God, for a weekend of rest and for each moment that I have with my family.

And my migraine? It's back but writing hurts my head less than watching the Viking/Packer game. ;)

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