Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Day 22 ~ Dr. Mukwege, a voice against injustice

Last month I shared a story from Noel Brewer Yeatts' book "Awake" about Evah, a girl who was captured by the LRA, was forced to carry weapons and was repeatedly raped by her captors. The story broke my heart. The stories that Noel shares in her book are continuing to break my heart. And then at church at last week we honored with the presence of a man who has made his life mission to serve girls and women who have suffered from war crimes. Women who have suffered greatly. As Dr. Mukwege spoke tears ran down my face. Although my heart ached I lifted up praise to God for equipping people such as Dr. Mukwege. People who are courageously raising their voices against the injustices found around the world.

"Our call is call to serve. Our call is a call to care for, to comfort, to restore women who have been hurt in their bodies and hurt in their hearts because of the atrocities of war crimes."

To read more about Dr. Mukwege and the Panzi Hospital in which he founded to help survivors of sexual violence go HERE.

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