Monday, October 14, 2013


In the last 8 days I've had two babies! Well, I didn't have two babies but two of my daycare families did. One of the benefits I have as being a daycare provider is that I don't have to do the really hard stuff. Like giving birth. Or sleepless nights. I can get my baby fix during the day and then send them home. It's a pretty sweet perk.

Thank you, God, for the families that share their babies with me. I look forward to watching each of them grow. Watching coos turn into babbles and babbles into words. Watching them learn to roll over, crawl and take those first steps. I look forward to baby feet and baby cuddles.

God, equip me to show these children....all the children in my daycare, love. My love and yours. Give me patience and wisdom. Let my eyes always be filled with the wonder of your creation.

Thank you, God, for bringing two bouncing boys into this world and into my life.

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