Saturday, October 6, 2012

Day 6 ~ French Toast with Almonds and Peaches

The other day I was making up a batch of french toast for the kiddos. While the french toast was cooking, I cut up a peach and topped it with almonds. I was going to add a little dairy kefir, nutmeg and cinnamon once it was my turn to eat but while making the kids breakfast, I decided that I too wanted french toast. So I combined my breakfast with the kiddos breakfast and it was FABULOUS!

French Toast
Dairy Kefir
Coconut Oil

While the coconut oil was melting in the skillet, I whisked 2 eggs with a splash of kefir, a splash of milk, a few heavy shakes of nutmeg and cinnamon  Dunked the bread, added to the skillet and browned both sides of the bread.

Topped with sliced peaches, almonds and maple syrup. 


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