Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Day 30 ~ Be thankful in everything....even spilled milk

This morning my schedule was disrupted by a cup of spilled milk. One of my girlies didn't finish her milk at breakfast so I had put it in the refrigerator. Unfortunately, an hour later, I forgot about the milk and knocked it over. I started wiping it up when I realized that the milk had dripped through the cracks of each shelf, finally draining into the crisper. If ignored, the milk-soaked vegetables would become tomorrow's problem. I guess it was time to deep clean the refrigerator.

A couple of years ago I had read (or heard) a great piece of advice; bring your daily schedule to God and pray over it every morning. While praying, tell Him what you would like to accomplish, ask for His blessings and end with "YOUR will be done". It's important that we relinquish control, even control of our days, to the one who truly is in charge. Although I've valued this advice I haven't been very good at following it. I do try to daily ask God to guide my day and to help me be productive. I'm a procrastinator, not to mention that I'm easily distracted, so divine intervention is necessary.

So this morning, instead of crying over spilled milk, I happily dug into the refrigerator which was in need of a good cleaning. I threw away leftovers that had gotten lost in the back of the frig. I filled a small bucket of sadly forgotten fruits and vegetables for the chickens (it was their lucky day!). I filled the sink with hot, soap water and pulled out all the shelves. I scrubbed until it sparkled.

Today I'm thankful for spilled milk and shiny, clean refrigerators.

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