Monday, October 29, 2012

Day 29 ~ Hidden Treasures

The wrought iron fence around the graveyard beckoned me, calling me to walk through it's gardens, to pause and wonder about the lives of those buried there.

The atmosphere caused me to slow my tourist pace so that I may marvel in the beauty of the garden, the church and the monuments. With the reverence of a scared place while taking in the breathtaking architecture, and listening to breeze rustle the remaining leaves on the trees, I slowed down long enough to thank God for his many blessings. 

Just outside this fence, the sidewalks of Wall Street bustled, yet inside? Inside was a sanctuary. Quiet and peaceful. A simple fence, a garden of flowers and head stones muffled the sounds from the street.

This hidden treasure was stumbled upon as we walked from Battery Park, after touring Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty, towards the 9/11 Memorial. Yes, we were taking a round-about way as we explored this area of NYC....or maybe we were lost. Regardless of circumstance we were well pleased with this find. My daughter and niece quickly went in opposite directions as they studied the tombstones. My mother and grandmother took in the beauty of this place on a bench which gave them an opportunity to rest. 
The Trinity Church Cemetery is located at 74 Trinity Place at Wall Street and Broadway. The non-denominational cemetery "opened" in 1697 although the oldest gravestone in NYC is that of Richard Churcher (1676-1681). The cemetery is the final resting place of many senators, congressmen and U.S. representatives.

In the above photo (on the left) is a monument of one of our founding fathers, Alexander Hamilton. 

The gravestone on in upper right belongs to Robert Todd and is
inscribed with "Here Lyes ye Body of Robert Todd Decd Sept ye 21st 1745 Aged 49 years Also the Body of Margaret His wife Deceased the 4th of April 1776"

As I searched this morning for more information on the Trinity Church, Churchyard and Cemetery, which seemed that not a lot of information was readily available...or at least in the depth that I was looking for, when I found Trinity Wall Street website. On the website I found a listing of audio slideshows. I found this one fascinating (and even found out that Trinity Church was featured in the movie "National Treasurers").

I am so glad that we strayed off course, adding another fabulous site to our day even though it was not on our itinerary. A wonderful reminder to always keep one's eyes open in order to see the hidden treasures, the blessings, that abundantly available for us to find. 



  1. How beautiful, Laurie! I love that this place of peace is found in the midst of the bustling city. What a great object lesson. Thanks for visiting me at Doorkeeper. Blessings!

  2. Thank you for stopping by, Renee. Have a lovely weekend!