Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What was that word?

Today, as I was reading one of my favorite blogs (I have many), An Oregon Cottage, I was excited to read that she too had a "word" and so do several others who have joined a link party dedicated to Words for 2012. Jami's word was eliminate which seemed vaguely familiar. What was my word? I was completely stumped. I had to go back to my blog post to find out.

Simple? Abundance? What was it? It hasn't even been a month when I chose that word. The word that would guide me and my decisions through 2012. LESS. Oh yes, that was it. LESS. have I been doing on that?

  •  LESS refined, processed, fake food. So far so good. I've been baking bread, making healthy meals and reading labels with a vengeance.
  •  LESS spending...still working on that. I started tracking my money spending on "The Birdy" I didn't think I spent money carelessly. I've found that I do. I have room to grow in this category.
  •  LESS stuff. I've been making slow progress. One garbage bag of stuff to donate. Slow progress is still progress. 
  •  Less exhaustion...still tired. 
 What else was on my less list? Time to re-evaluate so that my focus can remain on LESS. As with all goals, it needs to be put in writing. Maybe I need make a pretty sign to post on my refrigerator.

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