Sunday, January 22, 2012

Homemade Furniture Polish is Not Just for Furniture

Last week I was "detailing" my dining room. As part of my "LESS in 2012",  my goal is to get every room (even the laundry room) detailed clean and clutter free. Last week I picked the easiest room in the house. It's always good to feel a little success when the project before you seems a bit overwhelming.  While cleaning, I pulled out my homemade polish to shine up my pie safe/craft cupboard, my antique clock and my dusty plant. 

The polish is simply olive oil and lemon juice.

 I took a feather dust to my plant first but that did little in removing the dust. I poured a little oil on a polishing cloth and gently wipe the leaves.

 The little crevices in my clock are impossible to get to with a polishing cloth so I grabbed a stiff painting brush, dipped it in oil and gently brushed away the dust! After dusting/oiling the crevices, I wiped the excess oil with the polishing cloth.

With all my "pretties" dusted and shiny it was time to polish up the craft cupboard. Same polishing cloth, same polishing oil.

Shiny and clean. 

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