Friday, January 13, 2012

New Uses for Old T-Shirts

Last summer, after thinking that weaving t-shirt rugs was a great idea, I enlisted the help of family and friends to obtain used t-shirts. I was excited about all the rugs that I'd make with the SIX garbage bags full of tees...until I found that weaving rugs just wasn't my "thing". I've been slowly going through these bags and finding other ways to re purpose the clothing. Today, I decided to make a few bibs! The striped shirt on the top of my pile shows that I simply cut from the shoulder to the bottom of the shirt making an easy slip over the head bib. Nothing fancy. Simple and useful. Not pretty but practical. On the right side of my pile is a stack of shirts that I cut into various sizes and will be used for runny noses and baby bottoms. (Don't worry, I keep these separated). I hate spending money on supplies that are disposable. Sometimes I wash my cloth wipes/Kleenexes to use again but occasionally I will throw my wipes away after one use. Poop wipes get thrown out because quite honestly poop grosses me out (poop has been keeping me from using cloth diapers all of the time). An especially gross booger nose (moms and daycare providers know what I mean) can result in a tossed nose wipe too. Something deep inside me tells me that I don't want poo or slimy yellow-green boogers washed with my sweaters. I don't know. Maybe once I go full fledged in my pursuit of cloth diapers I will have a large enough load of clothes everyday to warrant a special "gross load". We'll see. Baby steps. Meanwhile I'm still reducing my carbon footprint by using these tees a few more times....and of course it saves me $$. I LOVE that. :)


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  1. Thanks for sharing on Repurposed Ideas Weekly.
    Great idea for shirts. I will be making some bibs promptly. My favorite bibs are the cloth ones we have that look just like these. I didn't have the vision to see t-shirts as bibs. Thanks for the great idea!
    Hope to see you for Repurposed Ideas Weekly #2 posted on Saturdays.