Monday, January 30, 2012

My Hero

I am the daughter of a great man. 
7 month old me with my daddy (isn't he handsome??)

While I was growing up I thought my dad knew EVERYTHING. I still do.

I can almost hear the squeal of a happy baby when I look at this picture...and I can hear the very familar sound of my dad's laughter (more of a chuckle)

When my daughter was born, I would watch my father stare adoringly at her while she slept in his arms. I then understood his silent love and adoration for not only his granddaughter but also for his daughters.

I've seen this smile on my father's face many times (grandchildren are involved). 

As I watch my adventurous son grow, I see so much of my father. Inquisitive, entrepreneurial-minded, lover of animals, dreamer. I can't think of anyone better for my son to emulate.

The back of this photo says, "She loves to dance with daddy"
This last picture could be a future picture of my son, Isaiah, dancing with his daughter. It's remarkable how much Isaiah looks so much like his grandpa. My father has been modeling for my son the attributes of being a good father, a wonderful grandfather and a man of God. I look forward to the day when my son dances with his daughter as my father danced with me. My prayer is that she loves her daddy as much as I love mine. 

Happy Birthday Dad! I love you more than words could ever express. 

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