Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Super Duper Power Smoothie on Traditional Tuesdays

Part of my less in 2012 is eating and serving my family and extended family (meaning my daycare family) less processed foods. I have a few favorite blogs which I subscribe to that provide not only recipes but also motivation in obtaining this goal.

Delicious Obsessions is one such blog that educates, motivates and inspires me to eat REAL food. Delicious Obsessions also hosts a blog party featuring traditional foods and today's Traditional Tuesday's Nutritional and Delicious Blog Carnival not only features my Smoothie recipe but also has quite a few recipes that I am anxious to try. 

I haven't made my own Super Duper Power Smoothie in awhile and am in dire need of a "pick-me-up". 

I can't wait to try the breakfast rice pudding, sourdough starter and the savory hummus recipe. Check out the other great traditional food ideas or submit your own at Delicious Obsessions Tradition Tuesdays.

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