Monday, January 23, 2012

Felted Toys

In my hopes to give homemade gifts this year, I contemplated what I could possibly make for the birthday of a one-year old boy. Since he loves throwing things, usually toys not meant for throwing, I decided to make him felted balls. These balls are great in that they bounce and even better......they don't hurt when one bonks you in the head! 
I used wool to form the ball and then added wool roving for a bit of color.

After needling the ball a bit to bind the fibers, I put the ball into a old knee high stocking.
3-4 balls can be fit into each stocking, just tie in between each ball. Wash on hot - the hot water will shrink up the fibers and fuse them together.

Soft, washable and homemade.

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  1. Charlie loves his felted balls & so do we! So very clever:)

  2. my dogs use felted balls for toys and they are great because they can't pull them apart

  3. SKM ~ I bet your kitty would love a smaller version of these! I wonder if catnip could be stuffed inside before felting? ;)