Saturday, November 2, 2013


Deepgreen Project ~ beautiful hand knit scarves and hats made by women in Asia who have suffered various injustices.
"Deepgreen Threads is a knitting business that provides work for women in our community who have suffered injustice. Our desire is to see these women empowered to grow professionally, personally and spiritually." 
DG101-gn, Green
The couple behind Deepgreen have visited my church, in fact, last year the money collected during the student ministry's (middle school through high school) worship time was used to support Deepgreen. In between Saturday night church service and the time in which the students meet there is a "grab & go" cafe. Each Saturday night I'd hand my son $5-$10 to grab dinner. Every Saturday night on our way home I'd ask The Boy what he had for dinner. Almost every Saturday night he'd tell me he wasn't hungry so he didn't get anything. He's a teen...he's ALWAYS hungry. After a little prying I found out that every Saturday night he'd put either the change from his meal or, if he skipped eating, all of the money in the offering for Deepgreen. Thank you, God, for instilling in my son a heart of sacrifice and a heart to serve others.

This week a women's event is being hosted at Autumn Ridge Church. A short program will introduce and discuss the impact that the ministries of Deepgreen and Eden Ministry are having on women in China. Products will also be available to purchase. If you live in the Rochester, MN area, I encourage you to attend this event. Although it is free, space is limited so you must register here

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