Friday, November 1, 2013

Day 30 & 31

I may have missed writing down my praise for day 30 and day 31 but I did not miss the two days of sharing moments with my children (which includes my boy, my girl and my Little Sprouts).

A quiet daycare day on Wednesday led to a fun-filled field trip. Quarry Hill Nature Center (one of my top ten favorite places to take kids), Sekapp's Apple Orchard and McDonald's play land made for a fun morning with the kids.

Yesterday my sweet daughter motivated me to clean up the front porch so that we could do a little decorating for our treat or treat visitors. Traffic usually comes through the back porch, however for Halloween the front porch is much more convenient. Unfortunately the front porch had become a storage room of sorts. You know that room that some people have, the one in which items (or boxes of items) get stashed when company is coming? Yep, that's my front porch. I wish I had taken a before picture. Or maybe I'm glad I didn't. Just take my word for it - it was horrible and downright embarrassing. But not anymore! 

Thankful for ...........
my children
my daycare children
field trips
God's creations found in nature - 
pumpkins, apples, and critters just to name a few
and clean porches

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