Friday, November 1, 2013

30 days of gifts

Hmm.....just the other day I was thinking it was time for a break. No blog. No computer. And then I was sitting here browsing a store that uses it's profits to benefit others. I've ventured into many of these sites lately as I start thinking about Christmas gifts and my hope to help others with the money that I spend. So as I'm perusing, without even thinking, I click open a new tab, type in 30 Days of Gifts......WAIT! What am I doing?

Yep, I'm declaring November as 30 days of gifts. Thirty days in which I'll share ideas for gifts that are local, homemade, that not only bless the receiver but also, in purchasing, blesses a "mom & pop store", a stay-at-home mother who is trying to keep her family afloat, a woman rescued from oppression who is making "pretties" in order to support herself, a company that gives all it's profits to supply the needs of orphans......I could go on, there are so many opportunities to help others and I intend to share them here. Some days I may simply share the gifts that I've received for in everyday there is a gift. Or some days I may be "logged off" and receiving the gift of grace for skipping a day. :)

Day 1 ~ Intro :)
Day 3 ~ Eden Ministry
Day 5 ~ no post, spent precious moments with my kids! :)
Day 7 ~ 
Day 8 ~ Truth - the gift of faith
Day 9 ~ 

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