Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Valentine Crayons

A couple of weeks ago I bought a heart shaped silicone mold at Hobby Lobby. My intentions were to use it in making Valentine candies.........
                  and then I saw this great idea on a crafting blog. 
I started at the bottom of our crayon bucket, that's were all the broken, misfit crayons hide, dug out the misfits and if any labels was left, I peeled it off. The crayons were too hard for my little helper to snap into pieces so I snapped and she arranged. If you want to be more "controlling" of the color combinations, you may. I just went for the eclectic look, not being too concerned about complimentary colors or using all valentine colors. Besides, I had used most of my Valentine colored crayons in last weeks Melted Crayon art
The silicone molds are a little flimsy so to avoid melted wax all over my oven and/or stove, my carpet or more likely me (because that's the kind of thing that happens in my kitchen), I placed the mold on top of my baking stone and turned the oven on to 250 degrees.
While our crayons baked...or more accurately, melted, we began making cheese.  I lost track of time due to the cheese-making but I peeked in on occasion. I think it took about an hour or so for all the crayons to melt. Once this happened I removed it from the oven (mold AND baking stone because you remember what I said about flimsy...and things that happen in my kitchen) and let it cool on the counter. As soon as the wax seemed hard (30-45 minutes...again I lost track of time), the crayons popped right out.

Aren't they purty? 

The shiny white spots are actually the color of silver!

These silicone stuff is the bomb. I wonder if it would hold up to candle wax? I'm thinking heart shaped candles would be pretty cute.

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