Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Heart Candy

So easy and amazingly yummy......and probably full of high fructose corn syrup (I have purposely avoided reading the ingredient list on the back of the sweetheart package).

I used my silicone heart "muffin" pan (I've gotten my use out of that thing!) for this treat.

Measurements are approximate since I didn't measure.

1c. of Sweetheart Conversation Hearts (I crushed about 1/2 of them)
5 oz. of almond bark

  • Fill the bottom of each muffin space with sweetheart. 
  • Melt the almond bark
  • Pour melted bark on top of sweethearts. (I did not fill each space...only filled to an inch or so)
  • Let cool (being impatient, I put mine in the freezer)
  • Pop out of the pan and enjoy.  

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