Monday, February 27, 2012

Created for Work

Created for Work: Practical Insights for Young Men
Available at one of my favorite stores, JM Cremps

First a word about JM Cremps. I LOVE their products! Totally focused on the interests of boys, they are well stocked in gear for camping, geocaching, fishing, woodcarving....the list goes on. This past Christmas I purchased all of The Boy's gifts from JM Cremps. I was introduced to this family-run company last year at the MACHE Homeschooling convention when I stumbled across their booth. Dad, Mom and sons were running the booth. I was impressed not only by their products but also by the way this family worked together. Last year the Star Tribune wrote about this family and their journey to starting a family business. You can read the article here

Last year I also stumbled across the book "Created for Work" by Bob Schultz and decided to add it to our curriculum. Each week The Boy and I would read and discuss a chapter of this book. God had his hand in this decision as the timing was perfect. Isaiah (The Boy...he's quickly outgrowing his nickname) was beginning to become quite interested in the characteristics necessary in becoming a godly man. I loved this book and so did The much so that he was determined to work. Last Spring he began working occasionally for my father, who has his own woodworking company, Urns by HTW.

This fall my parents and I discussed having Isaiah work more. I decided work was an important part of his homeschooling. The Boy does his "work study" two days a week. In the six months that The Boy has been working with my dad, I can see that he has grown so much. My dad has taken the time to teach Isaiah useful skills but has also taken great care in using this time to talk with my son about business, money, God and the importance of working hard to support your family.

Here Isaiah is cleaning around the corn burner. He says that he gets this job because he can fit in those tight spots easier than grandpa. He also has the job of filling the corn burners which is done by filling two five-gallon buckets with corn from the corn crib and carrying them into the workshop. The Boy is very proud of his bulging biceps that he's earned from this work. 

The Boss/Mentor

The Apprentice learning to plane wood

I am so thankful that my son is learning good work ethics from my dad. I am also thankful that my dad can teach Isaiah some skill that I am not equipped to teach. Isaiah has dreams of taking over the woodworking business and following in his grandfather's footsteps. 

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