Sunday, February 5, 2012

Valentine Crayon Art

 I was hoping that my painters tape would hold up to leave a cool heart in the midst of the melted crayon. Unfortunately I think the tape lost some of it's sticky factor and didn't hold up. Next time I will try contact paper.  I used a "pancake mold" to make the template.
 Crayons were glued to the top of the canvas with a hot glue gun. We used an assortment of reds, pinks and purple.

 After the wax began seeping behind the tape, we tried holding the pancake mold to the canvas in hopes that that would save our heart but in the end I decided to ditch the heart. Another obstacle we faced was a dysfunctional hair dryer which preferred running on the low setting. Occasionally high setting would kick in for approximately ten minutes before reverting again to low. The low setting did not give enough heat to melt the crayons. It took most of the afternoon of running the dryer on high for ten minutes, letting the dryer cool off for twenty minutes and beginning the cycle again.
 The daycare kiddos loved holding the hairdryer and watching the wax melt.


Not exactly what I was hoping for but not bad for our first try. 

Materials used:
Crayons in pinks, reds and purples pulled from 3 big boxes of crayons
Hot glue gun
Hair dryer
Painter's tape/heart template/knife

Polly Want a Crafter

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