Saturday, December 17, 2011

Tutus and Dishclothes

My first dishcloth!!
Last week I took a class to learn how to crochet a dishcloth. For the first hour of class I really struggled and if it wasn't for pride I would have walked out and never picked up a crochet hook again. But I had to prove to these ladies that I was smart enough to figure this out. Since the class I have made five, maybe six, dishclothes. I'm hooked. I sit in front of the tv at night and crochet away. My fingers, which often have problems with cramping and numbness, have adjusted to this new activity and seem to be working better. At least my fingers are getting some exercise. For some reason I can't get the edges quite straight so I'm not sure if these will be used for Christmas gifts...maybe next year when I've perfected the art of dishcloth-making!

Four tutus down and seven to go. My first attempt didn't go so well. I was tightening the tulle too much and trying to squash too many strips of tulle onto the tutu. The tutu was HUGE, as in ugly -"what in the world is it?" huge. Now that I know what NOT to do, the tutus are not only more beautiful but I'm also using less tulle and creating each tutu more quickly. These are Christmas gifts for all my daycare princess'.

My hope is that in the coming year I can learn a few more skills (today a friend is teaching me how to knit!) so that most of my Christmas gifts will be homemade. Still brainstorming on what skill I need to learn to make a gift for hubs. I don't think he wants a tutu or a dishcloth. :)

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