Friday, December 2, 2011

The Boy gets a hair cut but what I really want to know is WHERE DID MY LITTLE BOY GO??

I've shared before that I don't spend a lot of money on haircare. I make my own shampoo, I don't use any other products in my hair and I get my hair cut once or twice a year. The Boy on the other hand will only have Barber Dave cut his hair. Granted this doesn't cost me a great deal of money. He likes to grow his hair a little shaggy between cuts so he averages about two to four haircuts per year. However NO ONE but his beloved barber can touch his hair. Except in 2009 when I somehow convinced The Boy to buzz his hair......and now (now meaning in October...yes, I'm a little behind). 

Summer 2009 ~ LOOK it's my little boy!

Fall 2011

The Finished Look (man, I need to finish that hoop rug)

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