Friday, December 2, 2011

Day Three: The Creation Museum

Much like the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum, the Creation Museum far surpassed my expectations and was so incredibly amazing! The Creation Museum is located just over the Indiana and Ohio borders in Petersburg, Kentucky. The Boy and I had planned on getting up early so we could go for a swim before spending the entire day to explore the museum but I had a hard time getting him out of bed........

 I let him sleep in a bit, we skipped the swim and arrived shortly after the 9am opening of the Creation Museum. The place was already packed! The Creation Museum made the Bible come to life as we visited exhibits of Eden, the building of the ark, figures of prophets, the Tower of Babel and more. Every exhibit was filled with biblical truths and scriptures that portrayed the amazing love that God has for us.

Adam in the Garden of Eden

Noah planning the ark

Building of the ark

Noah on the ark

Isaiah with his namesake


Snakes Alive Program at the Creation Museum

Awesome, awesome, awesome! The program was so awesome that not only does Isaiah want a snake but now mama does too.  Rick Teepen put on a fabulous show weaved with snake facts, scripture and praising the Creator for these magnificent creatures.

Rick Teepen with his corn snakes

Necklace of corn snakes, aren't the colors fabulous?

Cool snake but this one won't be living at our house!
The Gardens and the Petting Zoo

The first two days of our trip were cold and windy but for our final stop, the wind had died, the sun was shining and it was a beautiful, warm day. Perfect not only for visiting the outside gardens and zoo but also perfect for eating outside!
Our lunch time view from the patio. During our travels we had eaten fast food junk far too many times so I was thrilled when I saw a hummus veggie wrap on the menu. Yummy! After eating it was time for a walk through the gardens which would also led us to the petting zoo.

Isaiah and I were playing with the goats because, like my son, I can not resist petting and playing with farm animals. Someday, God willing, I'll have my own hobby farm filled with animals to pet and play with. Maybe when that time comes the novelty of a petting zoo will mean nothing to me.  For now I have only my big dog and my chickens so I'll take every opportunity I can get to play with some goats. I love the way goats play and practically demand attention (and food) from anyone who enters their pen. Isaiah and I coaxed a couple goats up on the balance beam and when they got bored with us we moved on.

 Horse? Zebra? ZORSE!

She's even smiling! :)

Even a twelve year old can't resist a camel ride.

After spending eight amazing hours at the Creation Museum it was time to start driving in the direction of home. 


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