Thursday, December 29, 2011

My New Addiction

I'm addicted to my Nook, which I received from Hubs for my birthday (I know, didn't he do a great job??) and The Hunger Games trilogy. Both of my kids have been encouraging me to read The Hunger Games, which I put off. When do I have time to read? Usually my reading consists of reading non-fiction, how-to books or trying to keep up with my favorite blogs. I have little time to read so when I do squeeze in some reading time I want it to be "educational" as in how is this going to help me better provide for my household.

But then on a whim I decided to download the first book.....and then I couldn't put it down. Despite the guilt of "pleasure reading", I continued to spend my evenings reading. I was obsessed as I  was pulled into the world of Panem. I was cheering on Katniss (yes, at one point I did audibly shout out, "YES!"). I was crying when she cried. My heart raced as she fought for survival. I loved her courage, her strength and her compassion for others. In less than a week, I had the series completed.

I had planned on blogging each day this week on the highlights of 2011 but instead my nose was stuck in my nook-book. My other goal for this week was to get some big-time organizing done so that I could start 2012 with a head start. Needless to say my house is no more organized than it was a week ago BUT I did get the Christmas decorations packed away. That has to count for something.

I'm anxiously awaiting the movie but until then I have grounded myself from my nook so that I can accomplish some of my other goals. I may even get to bed on time tonight instead of quietly reading in bed until wee hours of the morning. And then again, I did download a new book today.

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