Thursday, January 17, 2013

Notebook Facelift

Rescued from a stack in my office supplies of used/never used notebooks. Mostly likely bought years ago for 12 cents. 
I've tried using binders for my various bible studies however are big and bulky to carry/store and they also use a lot of lap/table space when I'm writing in them. I'm trying something new for all my note taking. One notebook instead of five binders and/or notebooks. I am hoping that having everything in one place will be convenient and easier for me to stay organized (I've gone to bible study with the wrong binder before....I hate that!). 

So this is my first week with my notebook and I love it! I brought it to church with me and instead of writing notes on the small piece of paper in the bulletin (I always run out of space!), I took notes in my notebook. The half sheet of paper that I used to take notes on usually got lost or thrown so now I have my notes in a spot in which I can refer back to. I've been using the notebook for my daily bible time and last night I brought it to my Women's Bible Study (again, I like that my notebook gives me more space to write then the outline that is passed out for note taking). 

I love my notebook but found that the loose papers (schedules and other print outs) kept falling out of the front.  I need a pocket in my notebook but, after my Christmas spending spree (I was not disciplined in my spending this year), I need to make due with what I have - no going out to buy a fancy notebook with pockets. After a moment of brainstorming, I decided to make my own pocket.

So now I had my pocket but my notebook was far from "pretty". There was one time in my life that I was all about "pretty" but that was many years ago. Now I favor practicality and function over pretty. However.........

This? It's just plain ugly. So I decided to dress it up a bit.

I found a contrasting, yet complimentary color to add to the notebook.
Second color, double sided tape, a little "personalization"

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