Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Seven Days of Gratitude

Ann Voskamp offers a list each month prompting participants of the "Joy Dare" to find three gifts each day. I haven't been very consistent in recording my daily gifts despite the fact that I have a created a daily, long-running mental list as I strive to create a heart of gratitude. Thanking God EACH day for all the gifts that HE has given!

August 7 ~ Three Gifts in His Word  

August 6 ~ Three Gifts in Water
Big drop. Little grass blade.

~Rains that quench the gardens.
~Water that quenches thirst after a long hike with the kids.
~A shallow pool of water to splash in.

August 5 ~ Three gifts outside, inside and upside down

Outside ~ a beautiful day and my niece who loves the farm.
Inside at the farm, is a house full of family, celebrating the the birthday of my daughter and my niece. Celebrating the lives of two beautiful girls. 

A journey that almost turned our world upside down. A journey which brought me to my knees in prayers and praise. 

August 4 ~ Three Gifts Sitting

  • A hen sitting on her offering, a warm egg. 
  • Sitting with a friend and sharing joys.....and burdens. Thank you for lightening the load just by listening.
  • After a long day it's nice to sit on the front porch with my husband discussing the events of the day.

August 3 ~ A gift at 10 am, 1 pm, and 10 pm

A houseful of children joyfully playing together
A (somewhat) quiet moment to sit down and catch my breath.
Falling exhausted on my bed, thanking God for rest.

August 2 ~ Three Gifts Eaten
A meal prepared by a friend. 
The sweet and salty found in trail mix.
A just-picked, crispy cucumber eaten in the garden. 

Picture of Clouds - Free Pictures -
August 1 ~ Three Gifts White

Fluffy white clouds

A Savior who has cleansed me.

White marshmallow turned black on a cool summer evening

fire 1

My ongoing list can be found in the "Gratitude" tab above.

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