Sunday, August 5, 2012

Celebrating Life

Today we celebrated my daughter, Breanna's 22nd birthday. Most years on her birthday I am brought back to the day she was born. The first day I held my precious baby girl. I remember all the times that I rocked her in my arms and whispered in her baby ears, "I'm so glad that God gave me you." 

Today, as we celebrate Breanna's birthday, I'm brought back to June 4, 2012. The day in which I prayed for her not only to live but to live a complete and "normal" life. That day I cried as I held her hand and looked at her broken body and pleaded with God to heal her. Two months ago I could not even fathom the progress that she would make, the miracles that God would perform. Today I celebrate not only her birth but her LIFE! 

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