Saturday, August 4, 2012

Five Minute Fridays ~ HERE

Every Friday Lisa-Jo invites us to write for five uninterrupted minutes. She provides the word and a rule ~ "Write for 5 minutes flat – no editing, no over thinking, no backtracking."

My Friday writing usually arrives on Saturday mornings when I have the opportunity to write in the quiet of my house. For five minutes I type with no worries of editing, formatting, or any other formalities as I write from the heart. 

This weeks word is HERE. 

Here. That's where I am. It's easy to become discontented with here. My old house which needs repairs. Repairs that time and finances make difficult to complete. But isn't this the old house that I prayed for? The house which God provided. 

A prayer was cried out to God years ago. I prayed for an old house. A house with a dining room in which friends and family could join together to break bread. A house with a front porch in which I could sit on summer days like this one and watch the rain. A house which would provide a room to sleep for my children. A house in which to make memories. 

God answered that prayer. Today I lifted up my praises to the God who provide this. This here. It's  not my current heart's desire as I dream of a hobby farm with acres of land to plant. But it is a place that houses those I love. Today I give myself and my home to a God that cares. God please fill this house with love, fill it with sweet memories, fill my heart with joy as I accept my HERE. Here I am, God and here is my house, use me to do your will. 

I encourage you read what other fabulous writers have created with today's prompt. I am always inspired and uplifted by reading the creations of many amazing writers. 


  1. How easily we become discontent with the Here God gives us...I have done the same thing recently! Good post that I could identify with and am sure others will identify with as well.

  2. Thank you, Sondie! May you be blessed in God's HERE. :)

  3. Oh, we so often aren't thankful when we get exactly what we ask for. I love seeing your heart and recognintion of this and overcoming that. Thank you. (Hopping over from FMF)