Friday, May 4, 2012

Garage Sale Season Begins!

Remember this post from last year? Yeah, that is all the treasures that I found during our city wide garage sale weekend.  This year may look a little differently.

Most of these items are still being used. Many of The Boy's clothes are now too small. The football cleats and the snow boots? Definately too small. The chicken journal in the middle of the table? I still use it and it is my favorite. The hockey table? Well, it was great for summer when my daycare was full of boys. But after a month they all lost interest and I grew tired of tripping over it's bulkiness. The little money I spent on it was still a good investment. The hockey table was given away to a special little boy who I hope will enjoy it for a couple of years. The duck footstool has become very useful in the washroom for my little people.

I may be hitting a few garage sales today but my main focus this weekend is to PURGE! My word for 2012 is "LESS" and I intend to follow through. As I drink my coffee and make my mental to-do list for the day, I look around and still see some things that could be brought to the garage. I'm selling it all! (ok, that's a bit of an exaggeration)

Hubs, on his way to the garage last night to help with this purge, asked what I wanted to get rid of. My response, "If it hasn't been used in a year and if the item isn't intended to be used in the next six months it GOES!" He didn't find anything. I guess he's planning on taking the MG for a few rides this summer. 

The last month I have been moving from room to room. As my eyes scan each room I search for items that don't belong, items that have lost its purpose, items that I just don't love anymore. I've even stumbled across things that I love but have lost their usefulness. I have a beautiful rack that I love but the shelves are too narrow and little fits nicely on it. I have a daybed on my front porch that somehow collects piles or is mussed by the dog. I had big dreams of spending afternoons snuggled on that bed with a good book. Truth? It's not that comfortable not to mention that I have a difficult time finding a free afternoon in which to cuddle with a book. 

Here's the list of questions that I ask myself while purging:

1. Do I LOVE it??
2. Does it serve a purpose? Do I USE it?
3. If it has sentimental value, why? Was it my grandmothers?  Oh, it's an antique that my grandmother picked up at an do I love it? Does it serve a purpose? Does Grandma want to store it at her house? :) 

Sentimental does have a place but I'm learning that every little nick-knack does not have sentimental value. The ceramic water pitcher that my grandmother, when just a girl, purchased as a Mother's Day gift for her mother, along with the teapot (a gift I purchased for my own mother for Mother's Day many, many years ago) which sits next to it.....those hold sentimental value. They hold a story, a story of a child's love for her mother. 

No, I don't need anything but I'll be checking out a few garage sales anyway because I love 'em!  Besides, who knows what treasures I may find. ;)


  1. We are doing the same thing here - learning to live with less. I love your teapots! They are beautiful! Have a lovely weekend ahead ~

  2. Less is good. :) Thank you, Emily!