Friday, May 11, 2012


Today I am joining Gypsy Mama and others in writing for five minutes. No editing. No draft. Just writing from the heart. Today's prompt is IDENTITY

My identity? Wow, I don't think I can sum that up in five minutes but I'll give it a go.

Who am I though under all my titles of mom, sister, daughter, wife, etc.?

I love babies and the laughter of children.

I love being a mom even though sometimes I'm not very good at it.

I love the birds singing and everything in nature (except spiders and mosquitoes).

I dislike disorder, injustice and ignorance although my home is often disorderly and I can occasionally be quite ignorant.

I love people and thrive on personal interactions with others.

I make mistakes. In my life I've made HUGE mistakes. I've hurt others. I've made bad choices. Yet I've left those failures at the cross and pray for new beginnings each day.

My identity is found in Christ and I praise Him for His grace and compassion. May others see Him in me.


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  1. Love how you ended your post on how ultimately our identity is in Christ and like you, I praise Him for His grace and compassion...Nice to meet you, Laurie...linked up behind you.

  2. Dolly, I loved you Benner quote, "True identity is always a gift from God." I don't know how many years I wandered in search of me but when I found God I found me. :) Thank you for stopping by.

  3. Wonderful to get to know you! And I agree - our identity is in Christ. God Bless ~