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Garage Sales: Green Frugality at it's Best

My loot from the weekend of treasure hunting during Chatfield's City-wide Garage Sale
Garage sales, for me, can be compared to a treasure hunt. After all, isn't one man's junk another man's treasure? Through fall and winter I formulate a list of things to put on my "hunting" list. During this time, if I need (usually it's a want) something, I ask myself, "Would I find xyz at a garage sale? If so, can I wait until May/June to make this purchase?" I have been know to beg small kitchen appliances to just hold out until May. A couple of years ago I bought a blender for $2. It worked great for one year, in fact it stopped running a week before garage sales season began again at which time I bought another $2 blender. The second blender didn't last as long. It did last until a week before Christmas, giving darling husband the perfect gift idea.

My Boy (who is more of a man-child) is growing too quickly and is also very hard on his clothes. Garage sales offer the perfect solution to this never ending need of clothes and shoes....especially "sports" shoes. Last winter, unable to locate skates that were his size at the consignment/used sporting good stores, we broke down and bought new ice skates. He's feet have grown two sizes since. One month of skating. Yikes. Recently, at a garage sale, I spent $5 on a pair of skates that are two sizes too big....he's got 8 months to grow and I'm sure he will. If not, I can sell them on ebay for $5.

I love the thrill of the hunt. Garage sales are a great way to save money - if you're careful to buy more NEEDS than wants and I can't think of a better way to recycle.

Inventory of Loot found on Saturday, May 7:
Canopy (FREE!) this will either be used in the playroom or cut up for crafts
Air hockey/Foosball table
Journal (brand new, still in plastic wrap for 50cents!)
3 Books
3 Worship CD's
New book light
Sheetrock (FREE! and just the right size for a small project that we have)
Shelving (FREE! Brand new, found in a new housing addition)
Duck Step-stool for the daycare kiddos
Refrigerator Alphabet magnets
Magnetic Noisy Alphabet game-thingy for the refrigerator
Bin full of Thomas movies and trains
Bench (FREE!)
Sink and vanity
Bathroom light fixture

For The Boy:
Winter Boots
Ice Skates
Rain coat
Winter Coat
Snow pants
5 Tshirts
2 Swim Trunks
3 Pairs of jeans/pants
2 pairs of shorts

For Friend's Boy:
Rain coat
Winter coat
2 pairs of jeans
Dress shirt

Little Girl clothes (also for friends):
4 Dresses

For ME:
8 Tshirts
6 Sweaters  (3 for craft projects)

Number of items: 60+
Cost: approximately $75

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  1. We love them too. We get so excited for yard sale/garage sale/flea market season. It is our favorite time of the year. We dream of moving where they happen year round.

  2. Stopping by from the Frugal Days, Sustainable Ways Wednesday Blog Hop!

  3. Thanks for stopping by Justine and Rachel! ;)

    The unseasonably warm weather in MN this spring is revving me up for garage sales! Can't wait!


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