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The Joys of Wallpaper

Layers 1, 2 and 3
Wallpaper is not my friend. Especially when I'm facing six layers of this dreadful stuff. A couple of weeks ago I decided to embark on a project that I've wanted to do for years - paint the office/playroom. This room has always been "blah". Not horrible but not great. I want it to scream, "Kids play here!"

Envisioning bright, lively walls (and looking for any excuse to avoid working on my taxes),  I took the plunge and began ripping off wallpaper. I'm still working on these walls....and all six layers of wallpaper. Taxes did get completed, I had no choice, yet the walls are only a little more than half stripped.

My house was built in 1905 which is one of the many things I love about it. However when it comes to a remodeling/redecorating project, I seem to always run into headaches. I have found that if I use a steak knife at just the right angle, I can get some of the wallpaper to peel off. For the more stubborn areas I have been using a spray bottle filled with vinegar and warm water. The process consists of scraping, wetting, scraping, wetting...multiple times for just a small area. The process is quite time consuming. I was hoping to have this project done by now but alas, life still continues to move and so this room must wait.

More layers....and look what's underneath - plaster!
 On a positive note, the plaster is in fairly good condition (those six layers of wallpaper must have protected the walls for the past 100 years).  My darling husband would like to knock out the plaster and put in sheet rock however the cost is not in the budget for my "cheap" room makeover. We found paint for the pink wall in the "oops" section at Walmart. I am hoping to find some free paint, preferably in my color scheme, at the recycling center this weekend. Warm orange, bright pink, sky blue and grassy green...or something like that.

Everytime I start a "little" project I realize that "little" projects don't exist.  Little and simple are not compatible to old houses. Or maybe it has little to do with the old house and more to do with an old woman who takes on too many "simple" projects at one time. Or maybe it's a little bit of both. :)

 I love my old house anyway and am looking forward to the end result. My daycare kiddos are pretty excited too! Pictures will be shared when ( or if) this project is completed.


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