Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Frugal Resources

I caught myself thinking the other day, "If I get money back from taxes (This is highly unlikely. I'm fantasizing here, as I know I will be paying in), I'm going to buy an ipad and one of those cool litter boxes (you know, the ones that do the scooping for you)." Funny how the prospect of receiving unexpected money changes my mindset. Instead of using the money to pay off a credit card or to finally get the roof fixed, I'm ready to spend it frivolously. Why is it that we I think that "extra" money should be spent on wants?

For months I've been debating about getting rid of the monthly internet payment so why would I need a new computer? In all honesty, I have decided that I would die without being able to check my email daily so the internet stays. However, my sometimes-trusty, old computer works most of the time. No need for a new computer. So as long as my computer continues to work, an ipad would fall under the category of a want rather than a need.

And that ultra cool litter box? One of my frugal motto's is, "Don't pay someone else for a job that you can do yourself"....but I HATE cleaning the litter box. This is a job that I'd pay for someone else to do.  Each time I longingly admire those poop-scooping models in the store, I talk myself out of it because they are expensive. As are the filters and the disposable tray which needs to be replaced every few weeks. Not only does the self-cleaning litter box continue to cost money but it also adds waste. I guess I'm stuck with the poop scooping job...and Kitty.

Kitty, the smelly pooper. If only I could get train her to scoop her own box.

Before I make purchases I ask myself the following questions:
  • Is this a want or need? Careful here, many wants masquerade as needs. (My detest for the litter box almost creates a need for that kitty box)
  • Will this product save me money? (Um, no.)
  • Will this product require additional purchases? (Liners and filters for the kitty box)
  • How does the cost relate to monthly bills? (Kitty box costs $100. That is equivalent to two months of student loan payments or one month of electric bill. Hmm, I rather have electricity than a kitty box).
  • Do I have something at home that could be used for the same purpose? (Yeah, me and an old scoop).

Two frugal blogs that I happened upon this morning. I will need to revisit later to get a closer look. The Frugal Homemaker regarding re-usable feminine products (something I haven't tried...yet. Still debating this one.).

My other favorite frugal resources are: sign up for weekly tips This site has a huge amount of resources which includes simple, everyday tips, debt calculators and more.

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