Monday, April 4, 2011

Ah, Spring

In the early morning, before the daycare children arrive, I like to sit on my front porch with a cup of coffee. This ritual helps me to prepare for the day as I run through my head my list of to-dos, a menu plan for the day and which activities we will be running off to when the work day is done. But this morning, with the delicious smell of a spring rain and the sound of singing birds and the light pitter-patter of rain, I just sat and relished in the thought that spring has indeed arrived. Ah, I love spring and the sign of rebirth.

I searched this morning for a perfect poem to describe the early onset of spring. Just as I was about to give up change my google search to "How to write poetry" (I am not a poet), I stumbled across the following poem. Unfortunately I was unable to locate it's author.

peace is in all that surrounds us
as the gentle spring rain dances
on soft velvet petals
birds are softly singing
while a butterfly lands
listen to nature's sounds

gentle breezes blowing
hummingbirds frolicking among
the bright red blossoms
open lush grassy fields
linger a little longer to savor
the peaceful surroundings

the grace and beauty of the garden is
illuminated for all to see
bringing a message of hope
to those who are listening

This week I'll be writing about real food, doctors, feet and pedicures on a budget. I will also share my pictures and instructions on making yogurt, cheese and kefir.

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