Sunday, October 5, 2014

Day 5 ~ Stuck

Although our team was reluctant to leave the comfort of our air conditioned bus, we were stuck. Everyone had to evacuate the bus in order to get the bus back on the road.
Look at this view that we may have missed if we were still on the bus, busily chatting with our teammates. 

We were headed to the village of Los Limones to distribute bags of food and other items our team had brought (clothing, art supplies, toys and personal care items). 

Our team packed over 27,000 meals!

Earlier that week we had prepared the food bags to bring to Los Limones. Our team made an assembly line and we quickly began filling the bags with Feed My Starving Children "manna packs" as well as packages of nuts and dried fruits. The manna packs consist of rice, protein, dehydrated vegetables and vitamins, a combination which could literally save the lives of malnourished people. 

Serving with World Help at Hope of Life in Guatemala, even getting stuck and working in the hot, humid weather, was a wonderful, life changing experience.

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  1. Wow, 27000 is a lot of meals! This sounds like a wonderful opportunity!