Saturday, October 4, 2014

Day 4 ~ Learn

So I'm only four days into the challenge and I'm struggling. FOUR DAYS! Usually I start challenges out strong, only to lose momentum about half way through. 
The challenge I speak of is The Nesters 31 Day, in which we write each day in October. I also am joining Five Minute Friday host, Kate Motaung as she's given us prompt words to write on during this challenge! You can read my intro here.
This year a facebook page was started for the "31 dayers" and I'm spending any spare time reading. These women are amazing! Many were having difficulties in making blog "buttons" and others offered advice and some even designed buttons for others. One blogger has posted each day encouraging words. I am loving the community that is developing. I am also loving the wonderful writers that I'm discovering as I spend a little time each day visiting different blogs. I've even started a pinterest category just for 31 Days because there are just too much awesome to cover in my days. 

My word for the day is "learn" and I had it all planned to make a list of the important stuff that I've learned over the years but instead I just kept thinking about all the I want to learn and who better to learn it from than "colleagues" who offer a wealth of information and encouragement. 

Here are a few things I'm looking forward to learning:

Art Journaling - I've been reading Jenn's blog for quite some time and love her sweet, encouraging posts. This month she's given her 31 days to teaching techniques for art journaling. This is something I've been intrigued with but have allowed the little voices in my head to stifle my creativity. 

31 Small Ways to Grow Your Blog because I'll let you in a little secret here....I dream of being able to make a living off writing which would enable me to write anywhere so that I could pursue my biggest dream of living in Guatemala. Yep, in that room with a view

31 Days to Take the Stress Out of Christmas I love Christmas - decorating, festivities, buying gifts for the people that I love but I'll be honest, Christmas often causes me to become stressed out! I've done a pretty good job over the past couple years of simplifying Christmas a bit so that it can be a time of joy but I could always learn a few more tips in this area.

31 Days to Self-Publish Your Book This may come in handy if I ever write a book - another dream of mine. I have the book practically written in my head but only a dozen paragraphs actually written. 

31 Days of Living Well and Spending Zero Less spending means more in my savings which means less stress, possible chance of retirement and maybe even pursuing a few dreams (I'd love to do more mission trips and I'm also dreaming of taking my family on a European vacation for my 50th birthday).

Now I have to get back to my reading, I have a lot to learn..... 


  1. I feel as though I'm running out of steam for this challenge, too. We can do this!

    Thanks for sharing your list of things to learn, as well as the links. I'm off to check out two of them. :)