Saturday, January 4, 2014

One Word -- FEARLESS

One word. One word that would encompass my goals for 2014. I pondered this for a bit. Prayed for God to guide me to the one word that would motivate me, move me to more for this New Year. 

In 2012 my one word was LESS and in 2013 RELATIONSHIP.

Fearless was the first word that I thought of. And then came words like brave, faith, surrender, and even "be still" (but that's two words now isn't it?). I want a year of following God's will in every aspect of my life. Yes, fearless sums it up as I fearlessly surrender to a God in whom I can trust. A year in which my faith is strengthened through surrendering EVERYTHING to Him. A faith which would transform my life to live brave, to live fearlessly for Him. 

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