Monday, January 6, 2014

It's a Cold Day

If you live in Minnesota you know that the sub-zero temperatures are the "hot topic". Heck, if you live anywhere in the U.S., we're all talking about the cold. On Friday the Governor of Minnesota declared a Monday (today) as a state-wide snow day, or rather a cold day, for MN public schools determining that the subzero forecast would be too dangerous for children to leave their homes. 
A picture that my boy shot from the INSIDE of my warm house!

As many prepared for this frigid day, I gave it little thought. I have a warm home and work comes to me. As long as my furnace continues working, I'm all good. However I have thought of others. Yesterday we passed the "town vet" as we headed home from the The Farm (my parents) and I thought of how this cold affects him and his job. If he's on call today he may be in this cold taking care of sick animals. As I did my chicken chores this morning I counted my blessings that my hens are just across the backyard and tending to them takes a mere five minutes. I also thought of friends who are farmers and prayed that they (and their animals) would be safe today.

Then this afternoon, while the kids had a bit of quiet time, I read my emails as I sipped my tea and read....
" of the harshest winters in recorded history threatens to wipe out 2.3 million Syrian refugees fighting to survive along the war-torn border."
I can't even imagine the fear, the feelings of helplessness, the feelings of hopelessness that one must feel when dealing with homelessness let alone homelessness in an environment/climate that is life threatening. In Minnesota we've been warned that a healthy adult can withstand the subzero for about 10 minutes. I'm sure that estimate is based on proper clothing for the cold. But in Syria refugees are living in tents or dilapidated buildings which have little protection from the cold. Many escaped their homes with little to nothing of their belongings. Winter coats, mittens, hats...even shoes may not be in their possession. Can you imagine? I can not and it quite frankly leaves me with no words.
Please consider donating to World Help as they strive to bring hope to those who have little.

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