Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Tax Season: the Dark Period

22 days since my last blog post......I'm not sure with what I've been busy with.

Oh yeah. April 15th occurred during that time. I've decided the time period of January 30th (or a little later if I've decided to proclaim a full fledge denial) until April 14 is my "Dark Period". You see, I'm a procrastinator by nature. I'm also self employed and for some dumb reason pay my taxes only at tax season (again, out of both denial and procrastination). I mean, really. Doesn't it make sense to procrastinate giving the government money?

[Side note here because I find it humorous....maybe you will too. Every year, during my Dark Period, while I lamented, my husband reminded me that paying taxes is my duty as a citizen of the United States. Until last year. After finding out that HE also owed I decided we'd file separately. Since becoming responsible for filing and paying his own taxes, he no longer brings up that little "duty as a citizen" speech.]

So anyway........what was I talking about? Oh yeah. Taxes. Procrastination. Denial. Dark Period. Deep-Dark-I-don'

Whew. I survived it. I did my duty. Paid my bill. Promised myself over and over that I'll make estimated tax payments throughout 2013 so that I can skip the "Dark Period of 2014". Hiring a tax professional would probably take a little stress off of me too. We'll see. I learned this weekend at a homeschooling convention that females don't fully remember painful events, such as child labor. I'm afraid that this is both a gift and a curse.

Meanwhile the cloud has lifted. Metaphorically anyway. In Minnesota we are still waiting for some sunshine and spring-like temperatures. Haven't had snow in the forecast since yesterday so I guess we are moving in the right direction. 

My Dark Period when my daughter was young and in elementary school was August through October. I hated sending her off to school and would become a bit depressed at the beginning of each school year. This Dark Period disappeared when I began homeschooling my son. :)

How 'bout you? Do you have a Dark Period - a time during each year that you dread?


  1. Ryan finally hired a tax pro to help us out this year and it was WONDERFUL. It was definitely worth the money.

    In terms of a dark period ... I don't have one of those yet - but I think this winter was about to qualify. I cannot wait to get Ian out and about!

    1. Yes, I definitely need a tax pro! :)

      I think this long season of winter and slow approaching spring added to my dark period. However this afternoon it was sunny and I turned up dirt in the garden! It was glorious!