Friday, April 26, 2013

Five Minute Friday - Friend

This summer, on the 12th day of July, my husband and I will celebrate five years of marriage. Somewhere in the last five years, I stopped seeing my husband as my friend. It's not that I saw him as my enemy. He was "just" my husband. I became focused on my duties as a wife. Sometimes, when we can't look past our duties, we forget the gift that we have.
Last weekend my husband and I attended a homeschooling conference together. My son and I started our homeschooling adventure before my husband and I married. My son, although my husband completely accepts him as his own, is mine. I'm learning that "mine" and "yours" are words that should not enter a marriage. Last week I felt my husband come beside me in this adventure. It's not that he'd never supported our schooling from home but I had never fully allowed him into the realm of our family life. I may still be the teacher but my husband is my support and my friend.
Last year my son and I began the new adventure of beekeeping. Yesterday, with the arrival of my bees, I invited my husband into our beekeeping world. My husband, since my son was not available, helped me hive the bees. He took an active interest in  my our bees and asked many questions. As we walked up the hill (a little jaunt from the apiary to my parent's farm house where our van was parked), we talked. We laughed. And as I drank in the warm, spring sunshine, a new warmth filled my heart as I silently thanked God for this man. My husband but more importantly my friend.


  1. Love this. Quite frequently, I tell Ryan "I like you." And although I do truly love him, I'm still in awe of the fact that after over 10 years of knowing each other and over five years of being together romantically, that I have not tired of this friendship that we have and that it just keeps growing and getting better with every adventure we have.